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Korean Fashion Trends in Vodelle Online Shopping Store!

So what are the trends nowadays? Lets get to the chase, busy girls and ladies! We've decided to compile the latest (16th May 2015) korean fashion trends so we can all share the trends and also the cheeky and sexy korean clothings!

When looking at korean trends and also the styles to keep you updated and also making sure you don't have an outfit that is sooo 2000ish. Yes we know its sexy back then, but now you have to keep up with the sense. We at Vodelle don't want you to keep following the trend but be confident and match it nicely so that you won't feel bad going out for your daily routine! If your gonna dress, make sure its worth it right?

Well here goes, we found out that no matter if its in Korea, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or New York it is "Calm Colours". There seems to be a sort of unspoken rule that when its comes to outfit having colourful outfits not only affects your mood and emotions, it elevates them to a more positive note! Psst: We're talking bout dark and stable colours.

Colours can grab attention and also don't mix badly. Let's just see some of the examples below. 

DARK / Black & White Style + COLOURS.

1. Classic Overall White Fashion style.

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2. Heavy Dark Coloured Outfit with a Pastle Blue top and Artist hat.

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3. Blue Coloured Pastle Checkered Jumpsuit.

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4. Classic White patterned dress shorts plus Gray Jacket.

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Well you can see the styles are more stable and more to the darker colours and the one blue checkered Jumpsuit enhances the girls' smiles! If your the happy go lucky type wearing a more colourful outfit can really increases your cheeky and happy energy! The ones with the darker colours are more stylish and calm. It gives the more mature look to a girl. 

Lets continue...

5. Dark Black Top and Long Dress coupled with a Black Boots.

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6. Tight short tees and skinny tight pants

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7. Dark blue hat with Long Sleeve White Shirt and Dark Blue Midi Long Skirt with Dark leggings and Vintage Shoes.


8. White UV Hoodie with a Diamond Patterned Pants and High Socks plus Sports Shoes.


9. Dark Long sleeve shirt with Enlarged Maroon Jacket and Rectangle Pattern Medium Skirt.


These are some of the growing trends that can stand the test of time and also by mix and matching the dark colours with one or two colours can really liven up the outfit! Allowing you to get the best of both worlds, having a colour and also a dark black and white dominance over your outfits! Bringing the sexy and prestigious look of yours!

Do share your thoughts on our fashion take and lets grow our fashion sense together!

Thank you and have a great fashion shopping ahead!

Thank you!

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